MAMUT ANDINO, nowadays is one of the largest and most important Latinamerican Enterprises, and it´s the country´s biggest in service lines like:

Heavy Loads Transportation.
High-volume and Extra-heavy loads transportation.
Transportation for fuel, raw material and finished products.
Transportation of Containers for the Industry and Commerce Area.
Rental of machinery and equipment for Construction sector and quarries exploitation.
Cranes Rental Service.

As for High-volume and extra-heavy cargo transportation , MAMUT ANDINO is the only company in the country which offers absolute warranty and security in the professional area, which is due to an exclusive implementation , physical, technical and organization.

In order to perform a better and timely assessment, MAMUT ANDINO primarily gets informed about the shipping objective , next some studies, plans and coordinations for the moving are done until the project is finished.
We have the necessary logistics tools for handling quarries material , as well as the transportation and unload of it.

  We also have cranes with a 200 tons capacity, always available for our clients.

Our services for extra-heavy and high-dimension cargoes are supported by our wide range of Heavy-duty quipments/machinery.
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